Deploying Charting/Plotting onto SPS

This page details how to build and deploy the required JAR/SAR/WAR files onto the SPLTS cluster in order to get Plotting working under IceAxe. Theses steps should only need to be done once. If the node to which this software is re-installed or reconfigured. You would be best to verify correct files and their versions are in place.

  1. You must have a working IceAxe deployment on SPLTS-EXPCONT. These instructions must be followed in order to have plotting work at all.
  1. Create a new 'Plotting' workspace
  2. Checkout and build the required projects
  3. Stop JBoss
  4. Deploy the final targets to the cluster
  5. Start JBoss
  6. Refresh IceAxe's Portlet list
  7. Create a plotting page

  1. Create a workspace for Plotting
  2. Create a new dir for the DAQ-PROD workspace (so it doesn't conflict with other bfd/cvs projects you may be working on) and get set up to use it:

      $ mkdir plotting_ws
      $ cd plotting_ws
      $ bfd init $ICECUBE_TOOLS
      $ source        # or setup.csh if you use a csh-derived shell

  3. Checkout and build the required projects
  4. It is advisable that this work be done on a host outside of the SPLTS cluster, as getting CVS/SSH working out of the SPLTS cluster is tedious and not worth the effort for this task.

      $ bfd co devguide-display
      $ bfd co devguide-control
      $ bfd co -rV04-09-02 splicer
      $ (cd splicer && ant lib)
      $ (cd devguide-control && ant -DSERVICE=jboss-service.xml)
      $ (cd devguide-display && ant portlets)

  5. Stop JBoss
  6. To stop jboss on the expcont node, login or su to the jboss account and run the following command:

      jboss@sptls-expcont[icecube]$ nojboss

  7. Deploy the final targets to the cluster
  8. Once the builds are complete, you can scp the final target files to the expcont node. Since jboss is not running, it is safe to drop them directly into the deployment directory tree.

      $ scp ./lib/devguide-control.sar ~jboss/server/iceboss0/deploy
      $ scp ./lib/devguide-display.war ~jboss/server/iceboss0/deploy/exo.ear/

  9. Start JBoss
  10. To start jboss on the expcont node:

      jboss@sptls-expcont[icecube]$ jboss

    You will see nothing unless you tail the console log file. If you don't see any longrunning stack traces, its a good bet the deployment worked.

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