Deploying the IceAxe Portal onto your Mercury system

Pre-requisites before proceeding:

Generating and Deploying the Portlet Applications

  1. In the $JBOSS_ROOT directory, create a new bfd tools only install. This may require you to remove the existing tools directory currently there.
  2. > cd $JBOSS_ROOT
    > $rm -rf tools
    > bfd init -t $ICECUBE_TOOLS

  3. Download the IceAxe source into your home dir and install it into the clean deployment area.
  4. > cd ~
    > tar zxf IceAxe-jboss.tgz -C $ICEBOSS_HOME/jboss/server/iceboss0/

  5. Create a new BFD workspace and initialize it into your environment
  6. > mkdir ~/ICEAXE
    > cd ~/ICEAXE
    > bfd init $ICECUBE_TOOLS
    > source ./setup.(c)sh

  7. Use BFD to checkout and build the ICEAXE meta-project.
  8. > bfd co -rV00-00-03 ICEAXE
    > ant lib.all

  9. Setup this workspace to deploy into JBoss and eXo.
  10. > ant defaultDeployment -DDEPLOYMENT=${ICEBOSS_HOME}/jboss/server/iceboss0/deploy
    > source $ICEBOSS_HOME/jboss/setup/ # This was setup in your Mercury Environment.
    > ant deploy.portlets.all

  11. Start the JBoss server.
  12. > jboss &

Viewing IceAxe

At this point IceAxe is deployed and awaiting for login via a web browser. Simply open the following URL in a new browser window:


This will bring up a login page. Use the default "daq" username and password to login.

You may now navigate through pages and see the work done so far. Buttons and actions may not respond as expected; as IceAxe is desinged to work properly only in a SP*S cluster environment.