BFD and TOOLS Setup

The primary component of the IceCube software is the software development environment, BFD (Baseline File Development), and all the necessary IceCube software tools. BFD and TOOLS need to be installed on the user's computer system, before the user can use or develop any IceCube code. They can be installed either directly on the user's computer or on the computer cluster the user's computer is connected to. Before BFD and TOOLS can be installed, the user needs to have an account on

Note that if you are working on a computer cluster, you may not need to install BFD and TOOLS. It is likely that there is a public installation already available which everyone can use. Ask your local computer system administrator whether an IceCube tools/ directory has been installed somewhere on the local cluster.

Since all standards of the DAQ environment installation scripts download BFD and Icecube tools, there is no need for the user to do this by hand. In the event when new Icecube tools and/or BFD updates come along, your flavor of installation script simply needs to be run again. Follow the prompts intelligently.

If you want to download just the tools without the extra configuration from a machine standardization installation, you can rsync directly from the glacier rsyn modules. A module is provided for both Development and Production grade projects.

Start by selecting a place on your system where you want the entire tool package set to be stored. For simplicity, we have chosen /usr/local/icecube/tools. The directory of your choice must exist before you invoke rsync.

For the Development tools set (This is large!!)
> /usr/bin/rsync --delete -rlpt rsync:// /usr/local/icecube/tools

For the Production tools set (Only for deployment approved projects)
> /usr/bin/rsync --delete -rlpt rsync:// /usr/local/icecube/tools

You can rsync against these modules as often as you like.

Note that there exists a BFD homepage, which is designed as a stand-alone tool, independent of IceCube.

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