As a result of my previous trips to the south pole, I humbly offer some Travel_to_the South Pole_tips
for brave souls who will be drafted or volunteer
for some project or other in Antarctica as an NSF Grantee.

Trips to the pole are not always all work, as this bicycle ride report shows.
Bring or borrow Cross-Country skis.   Skate skis also work well, I'm told.  (Two miles of base, 3/4" of powder

Some LBNL Work at the South Pole

The south pole station from the air...

Identifying a few things at the site...

A gallery of other pictures from the pole...

Arcania...  The Rod well

The bamboo stick under the stripes marks the geographic south pole.
The ceremonial pole (flags and silvered globe) are a few yards behind the camera.
The dark sector is up wind of the flag about 800 meters away.
The station is  about 200 meters downwind of the flag.
Science is going on everywhere! That includes deep in the ice and high overhead.