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Evolution from AMANDA to AMANDA String 18 to IceCube

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Design Documentation:

Hardware to software interfaces
Support Documentation... e.g. Cables, adapters, etc..

EPXA support

Schematic diagrams (a moving target)
FlasherBoard Circuit Suggestions to UofW

EDIF conversion

Component Data sheets

Fab_Files and Mentor Layout Details

Block Diagram

Rev 3 Change List  (Rev 3 delivered October 27, 2003)
Rev 4 Change List

DOM Hub miscellany
Master Clock miscillany

Mini DOM Tour
Thorsten's PowerPoint Catania, October 2005

Closeout: The last boards leave LBNL 2/10/2009.

The June 24, 2004 version Rev 5

The February 3, 2004 version, see  Rev 4

The September 2, 2003 version, see  Rev 3

The April 9, 2003 version, see  Rev 2

The January 3, 2003 version, see  Rev 1

Trade Studies

Bug Tracking

Production Tracking

Leakage Resistance in deployed cables

IceCube  Pix 

     Drill related

Measurement results:

Crystal Oscillator
Delay element
String 18 cable crosstalk
PMT Anode Transformer
Twisted Quad Cable
Flasher subcircuit
Local Coincidence subcircuit


The numbers...

Software Links:

Altera Excalibur Software for Icecube
Arthur's Icecube DOM Software We b Page

The Back of the Envelope -- Performance Estimates

Waveform capturing

The IceCube Crew here at LBNL

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Click on image for bigger version
(missing faces: Thorsten, and Willi)
an Archival pix

The current board --October 28, 2003:

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For the January 5 2005, visit Rev 5.1

For the June 2004 of board, visit Rev 5

For the January 2004 board, visit Rev 4

For the October 28, 2003 board, visit Rev 3  (Rev 3 Image)

For the April 9, 2003 board, visit Rev 2

For the January 3, 2003 board, visit Rev 1

The DOR card for the DOM Hub from DESY Zeuthen

the DOR card
Photo courtesy of Bob Stokstad., Card produced by Karl-Heinz Sulanke (Click on image for a closer look)

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