ARIANNA Housekeeping Data

Here are the relevant physical data taken by the station. The housekeeping data is in ADC counts, which I converted to voltage using V=10*ADC/4096. You can click on each plot to see it bigger.

Text files of the e-mails can be found here.

The code I use to extract this information from the hk_xxxx.dat.gz files can be found here.

12 V Source
Here's the power value (taken from channel 2 of the housekeeping and scaled by 3 not 4) versus day.

Here's a zoom of the last 10 days.

Here's the readings from the three temperature sensors (channels 13, 14, and 15). Right now, the conversion is thought to be roughly 1 count=1 degree Celsius, with some unknown offset.

Here's a zoom of the last 10 days.

Here's a profile plot of the readings versus hour to check for diurnal variations.

Wind Speed
Here's the reading from the anemometers (channels 4 and 5). I used 16.67mV=1knot to convert from voltage to speed. The peak after December 26th (day 360) is probably real, as Thorsten recalls the station being deeply buried when he revisited it on the 31st. The red and black dots are the readings from the two different sensors.

Here's a zoom of the last 10 days.

1 sigma of GPS time fit
Here's the 1 sigma value of the computed time solution for the two GPS antenna (active and passive). Generally the passive is a little worse than the active antenna, though within about a factor of two.

Here's a zoom of the last 10 days.

Here are plots of the number of times the active and passive antennas gave the maximum error value (which I assume means it couldn't calculate a solution).