The Current version of the DOMHub consists of a 4U Rack-mountable Chassis, with 1GHz dual processor CPU, Hard-drive, CD drive, redundant CPU power supplies, fans, +/- 48V high-efficiency DOM Power Supplies, power supply Filter Card, 12 slot PCI backplane and DOR Card(s). There is one DOMHub per string of InIce DOMs. It provides power to the DOMs, controls DOM function, and reads out the signal from the DOMs via twisted pair cables connected to the (up to) 8 DOR cards. Many of the current DOMHubs also contain a DOMHub Service Board or DSB. The purpose of the DSB is to provide synchronous GPS clock signal to each of the DOMs.

The DOMHub is loaded with DOMHub Application and the DOR Driver software.

Downstream of the DOMHub is the String Processor, the InIce Trigger processor, Global Trigger and Event Builder processors.

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