Building and Deploying the iceboss service with ACME components

The Iceboss service provides critical monitoring and configuration info of both the JBoss servers and the Icecube Software deployed on them. To make the build and versioning easier, the iceboss and acme-iceboss software projects have been integratged into a BFD metaproject that provides the ability to generate either the base SAR/EAR files or packaging them via RPM for easier installation.

  1. Create a new workspace and checkout all the required projects. You should have BFD setup already in your account.
  2.    > mkdir ICEBOSS
       > cd ICEBOSS
       > bfd co -r V01-02-01 ICEBOSS

  3. Initialize the workspace and setup the environment.
  4.    > bfd init $ICECUBE_TOOLS
       > source ./setup.[c]sh

    At this point, you have af few options to choose from:

    1. Build either or both of the deployable iceboss.sar/acme-iceboss.ear files
    2. Package either or both of the iceboss-services / acme-iceboss RPMs

  1. Deployables
  2. If you want to build just a deployable core file:
       > cd ICEBOSS
       > make {iceboss-services|acme-iceboss}
    The internal build process leaves the deployable files in non-standard locations, you can find them at:

    If you want to build both deployable core files:
       > cd ICEBOSS
       > make deployables

    You now have one or two deployable core files. Copy these file over to the expcont node on the cluster of choice. The JBoss server should be shutdown when these are deployed.
       > scp ./acme-iceboss.earjboss@[cluster-prefix]-expcont:~jboss/
       > scp ./iceboss.sarjboss@[cluster-prefix]-expcont:~jboss/

  3. Packages
  4. To build a selected package:
       > cd ICEBOSS
       > make rpm PROJECT={iceboss-services|acme-iceboss}
    To build both packages (recommended):
       > cd ICEBOSS
       > make rpms

    You now have one or two installable RPMS in the RPMBUILD tree. Copy these file over to the expcont node on the cluster of choice. You must be root to install these rpms.
       > scp ./RPMBUILD/RPMS/noarch/*.rpm jboss@[cluster-prefix]-expcont:/tmp