Installation instructions for DAQ Development tools for Linux-i386

  1. Create the directory in which you will store your DAQ development Icecube tools.
  2. From inside your icecube tools directory, issue the following rsync command. This will download and install BFD and all the necessary IceCube and DAQ tools.

    This rsync command will initially download all the tools into your local tools directory, or fully synchronize the existing local tools directory with the one on

    > rsync --delete -vrlpt rsync:// /your/tools/directory

    If you've never used rsync before, it is very picky about the location of .'s and /'s. If you issue the above command from ~/icecube/tools the tools will end up there. Deviate from the above command only if you know what your are doing with rsync.

  3. If you want to automate the synchronization of your tools directory with those on glacier, you can add the following entry to your crontab.

    > crontab -e

    Insert the following:

    15 1 * * * (cd /your/tools/directory && /usr/bin/rsync --delete -rlpt rsync://

    Save and exit. Your new entry is now active.

    This will run at 1:15 AM and attempt to update any new files. Make sure that this entry is all on one line.

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