Executing anvil Locally

These instruction descibe how you can execute the current version of anvil in your own area. Under normal conditions anvil is installed as part of the jboss account on the expcont node, under those conditions you should only need to enter anvil at the prompt to run it.

Checking out the latest copy

The first step is to check out the latest copy of the anvil project from its code repository. Detail of how to do that can be found here.

Updating you PATH

Next you need to update the PATH environment variable to include the path to anvil's directory. You can do this from the directory into which you checked out anvil using the following commands (These instruction are written based upon bash being your login shell, if it is not you need to modify them as necessary).

[user@node]$ PATH=`pwd`/anvil/src/main/python:${PATH}
[user@node]$ export PATH

Running anvil

You should now be able to run anvil. The easiest way to confirm this is to run the version command.

[user@node]$ anvil version
anvil version: 1.0-SNAPSHOT