Building the Web Site

The ANVIL web site is a standard maven2 site, for more details than those presented in this document take a look here. In any case, below are the basic steps to building the site.

svn checkout anvil
cd anvil
mvn site-deploy

The first command checks the site's source code out of the SVN repository. The next command simply moves your working directory into the project, while the last command builds the site and copies it off to the appropriate web server.

Before you can send it off the the web server, you will need to set up the right credentials on your ~/.m2/settings.xml file, which means including the following, where userid is your user name at the URL matching the id.


Modifying the Web Site

Once you have checkout the web site (see above), you can edit any of the site files. Most of them can be found in the src/site/apt tree and are written in "Almost Plain Text". To preview the site locally you can use the following command, where localpath is a path to the directory that will contain the local version of the site.

Avoid using "~" as the start of the path, as this does not get interpreted as your home directory, but rather a directory of that name that will be created in your current working directory.
mvn site:stage -DstagingDirectory=localpath

Once you are happy with your modifications you can commit everything back into the respository but, if you have added any new files then before committing you need to add them to the respository with the following command, where path-to-file is the path to the file to add from the current working directory.

svn add path-to-file

Now you can commit all changes using the following command, where you should put in the appropriate commit message:

svn ci -m "commit message" .